Often you can save time by finding answers to your questions by reading a little below before contacting us.

Delivery time

Many people contact us to know when a product arrives in stock, information about stock status and when things arrive you will always find on the product pages both before you order and afterwards. Call us - & nbsp; Get the same info & nbsp; you can find yourself in seconds.

- If the item / s you order in stock, it takes 0-10 days until you receive the item depending on the shipping method you choose and where it is to be sent.
- If the product is en route from one of our 100 subcontractors, it says one expected date on the product (this changes if there are delays we have not anticipated).
- If there is an uncertain delivery time or the product is not in order yet, it says 1-6 weeks.
- Is the item in stock at one of our regular suppliers in Europe who delivers quickly, it says in remote storage.
- Note! Shipping time stated on the shipping methods at checkout is not the delivery time when what you order is not in stock, that information is meant to give you a choice of shipping method.

Find the right product

- First test our search engine by entering the make and model (Nokia N8, Acer Aspire 5440) or the battery / charger item number
- If you do not get a hit, you can limit the number of characters at the end of the model number and compare other specifications if you get hits
- If you are looking for a gadget, light bulb, cable, or something that is difficult to search for, you can use the categories

If you do not find it, there is a good chance that we still have or can get what you need and we greatly appreciate your contacting us by email.

You can contact our customer service via email: & nbsp; & nbsp; ( We usually respond in a short time, in case of large demand it can take a few days ..)

For invoice-related questions: & nbsp;

To keep prices low for you as a customer, we have temporarily chosen not to offer telephone support on questions about delivery time, return, ordering and other matters you can easily arrange yourself in the online store - We usually respond quickly via e-mail. & nbsp ;

If what you are wondering is very important and can not be resolved via email , please call +47 69352404.

Questions about delivery time are almost impossible for us to answer by phone, we rarely sit in front of a PC when you call and we often have to check with the supplier before we can answer. We must receive this type of inquiry via e-mail.
You can check the approximate delivery time yourself by searching for the product you ordered, it usually says an expected delivery date or or an expected time until it is in stock, if everything you order is in stock we will send out quickly.

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